Kyoto: Hozu river Rating Tours

Kyoto Hozu River rafting is a popular activity at Hozu valley as well as Hozu River Kudari and tram train. The most thrilling whitewater in Kansai is available in Hozu valley, and it is located only 16 kilometers away from the most famous Kyoto sightseeing area, Togetsukyo, Arashiyama. Hozu River rafting courses about 20 rapids in various sizes, rock jumping , and still stream for swimming.

Kyoto: Hozu River Stand Up Paddle Tours

We are the only company offers stand up paddle (SUP) tours at Hozu River. You may have seen SUP on ocean, people paddling SUP, double size of surf boards. With us, you can enjoy SUP at Hozu River in Kyoto. You can paddle standing or sitting on your knees, or lay down watching clouds float through a summer sky.

日本ラフティング協会バナー  Tomsawyer Adventures is a member of Japan Rafting Association.